Application Methodology of Under Deck insulation
​with INSUboard

Complete suspenders/ drops before starting grid / frame work.

Clean the ceiling surface with wire brush, free from fungal growth, paint flaking, loose particles etc. If required, properly level and plaster.

Drill holes on RCC and insert rawl plugs forming a grid of 1 x 0.5 mtr.

Fix INSUboard of 1250mm X 600mm to the ceiling with minimum length of 75 mm SS fasteners/ screws to the rawl plugs. Fix each INSUboard with 4 fasteners at the corners and 1 at the centre of the board. Place PVC / plastic washers on the bottom side of the INSUboard after mechanically fastening the boards.

INSUboard to be installed on staggered pattern on the ceiling.

Wherever Electrical conduits are mounted and are running on the ceiling, for the continuity of insulation, properly seal with additional layer of INSUboard with extra width of more than 100 mm on both sides of the conduits and which shall be fixed to the first layer of INSUboard with fasteners/ screws of 125 mm with washers and to the ceiling with the help of rawl plugs already prepared on the ceiling.

Finally false ceiling to be provided as per the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client / Architects / consultants in charge.