Application Methodology of
Sandwich Panels of Refer Vehicle ​with INSUboard

Sandwich panels are important components in the construction of modern commercial  Refrigerated vehicles.They  reduce production cost, time, gives design engineer greater flexibility and offers benefits throughout the working life of the vehicle.

Sandwich panels combine load-bearing structural properties with low weight, thus reducing fuel consumption and therefore operating costs. In order to achieve good thermal insulation rigid foam insulation board material are used and consists of two facings and a core. But can also contain other intermediate layers and reinforcements.
The facings of a sandwich panel usually consists of fibre reinforced plastics, aluminium or steel.  INSUboard  is the preferred thermal insulation material for the core due o low “K” values light weight construction.
Considerable care to be taken in the design of the adhesive bonds between the facings and the core as they  must absorb both static and dynamic forces, often whilst resisting extreme climatic conditions and must do so over a long period. Adhesive should also be easy to handle during production.

The design of sandwich panels must take account of the subsequent assembly into the vehicle frame, because the application process subjects the panels to tensile, compression and shear forces.